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Fanny Deakin

Here are just three of the people in my family history database. The picture on the left shows Fanny Deakin and her daughter Lizzie (sitting) outside their home in Wetley Rocks, Staffordshire. Fanny (nee Ball, born 27th January 1850) was my great, great grandmother. The picture was probably taken sometime after the turn of the 20th century.

The picture to the right is Samuel Harvey, my great, great grandfather. His daughter Sarah (known as Sally) married Fanny's son William Deakin.Samuel Harvey

I've put Samuel's picture here because he serves as a warming to all family history researchers .... check information provided by the family. It took me several years to track down the place of birth of Samuel because the family information was slightly wrong ... it was right for most of his siblings but not for Samuel ... and it was a long time before I realised that. I kept thinking my search was inadequate. His picture too is apparently misleading. He was a gardener and not in the habit of wearing smart clothes. Here he is apparently posing for photography students.

Click on the tools at the top of the page to search the database and see if any of my ancestors are the same as yours. I have collected the data from many sources, including those kind enough to share their research. Where possible I have given attributions in the source information. If any of my information helps you to develop your own family history, please feel free to use it. To protect the privacy of living individuals I have filtered their personal information from the database.

I have done my best to validate the information in this site but I cannot guarantee it has no errors. If you see an error or can add to our pool of information I would love to hear from you. The notes I have added for each individual will provide a guidance as to how confident I am in the accuracy of the sources that have been used. For most of the individuals born before about 1550 the source information is derived from text books (including Google Books) and local history sites, for which I have provided urls in either the source citations or the notes but I personally have not seen the primary data sources.

Thomas LittletonIt is said that everyone will eventually find a King and a murderer amongst their ancestry. I've managed to find several Kings, most notably, through illegitimate decent, Henry II but as yet don't know if any (apart from some of the more notorious Kings and their barrons) of my forebears were murderers. However, my favourite find so far is Thomas Littleton the famous jurist and author of one of the oldest legal books in English law. While there is some doubt as to the exact date of his birth there is much published information about him and his family.

Thanks to Thomas Gainsborough, who painted their portraits, there is also quite a lot of information about the Andrewes and Carter families, wealthy land owning ancestors of my late husband Andy.

While it is relatively easy to find information about the rich and powerful and interesting to think what life may have been like had mine or my husband's ancestors always been the eldest son of the eldest son, the find that would please me the most is to discover the history of my Bradbury ancestors, why two generations took their mother's surname and who the fathers were!

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Coeliac Disease

Coeliac Disease: Does it affect you?

In the last few years three of my family members have been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. It may be hereditary and I thought it would be interesting to trace it back through the family tree. If your ancestor is in (or closely related to anyone in) my Bradbury or Hughes ancestry and you have the disease in your family I would be interested to hear from you atEmail Address.

I don't need details except the name of our common ancestor. Thank you.

More family stories
February 14, 2020 - 6:52:31 p.m.

I've started a new Family Stories section on the main Sticks website where I am trying to collate a collection of stories about individual who appear in this family tree in an attempt to bring them to life and make them more than merely statistics. You can see them here.

Ralph Perry
February 14, 2020 - 6:39:56 p.m.

Ralph Perry was my 3xGreat grandfather, born in about 1836 in what is now Stoke on Trent. I discovered him early in my research tracing back from my great grandmother Mary Onions Davies. He was her maternal grandfather although most of her family thought her grandfather was Thomas Onions. Her grandmother Ann Edge was indeed married to Thomas Onions, half brother of her father Richard Davies, when she was born, but all was not as it seemed.

Initially I assumed that Ralph had died before 1871 when the census shows that Ann was remarried although I had not been able to track down his death certificate. After ignoring this branch of the family for a long time I recently resumed my research and looked up the marriage of Ann and Thomas. I was very surprised to see she had knocked many years off her age, claimed to be single (although using the name Perry not Edge) and not widowed and denied knowing who her father was. I double checked that I had the right couple but there was no doubt. With Ann and Thomas Onions in 1871 was Sarah Ann Perry (Ann and Ralph's daughter) and Maria Edge, Ann's mother.

It didn't take me much longer to find a parish record for the marriage of Ralph Perry to Sarah Woodwas in 1870. He claimed to be a widower but all the other information and the witnesses strongly suggested that this was Ann's "former" husband.

In March 1874 Ralph Perry was convicted of bigamy at Stafford assizes. According to a newspaper report of his committal a month earlier he had married Sarah while his first wife Ann was still living. It also mentioned that she had left him and gone through a marriage ceremony with another man, but there was no indication that she was also prosecuted. He was sentensed to 6 months. Sarah had known of his situation.

According to my research Ann was not his first wife but his second. When they married Ralph has claimed to be a widower. Indeed I found the record of his 1st marriage to Sarah Brereton. I had assumed that this Sarah had died and that the son George living with him and Ann in 1861 was her child. After the revelation that Ralph and Ann had agreed an informal separation and remarried (apparently not so uncommon at the time) I now wonder whether Ralph and Sarah did the same as I can find no record of her death either.

As yet I have no idea. I will keep looking. Watch this space

Notes and Family Stories
February 14, 2020 - 6:15:59 p.m.

If you are exploring this family tree as part of your own research please remember to read the notes (for each individual there is a notes tab) where I have added more information about the source, any doubts or where I've risked a "most likely" rather than a definite, alternative relationships and others who may or may not be connected to my family. In otherwords you may find some pieces of information which I've not managed to yet fit in with my family history (and which may turn out to be unconnected). You may also spot errors or add missing information. If so please let me know. Thank you.

Turner-Wakefield mystery
March 2, 2014 - 8:12:22 p.m.

The birth certificate of Joseph Turner (b 1840, Leek, Staffordshire, UK) son of Samuel Turner (b Leek circa 1816) and his first wife Charlotte Alcock records the fact that Samuel was also commonly known as Samuel Wakefield. Jopeph appears in the birth registers twice: once as Jospeh Turner (Leek, 1840 March Quarter vol 17 page 55) and once as Joseph Wakefield (Leek, 1840 March Quarter vol 17 page 65).

When Samuel married Elizabeth Goodwin in 1843 two years after the death of Charlotte he used the name Wakefield. It appears again for the whole family in the 1851 census after which he appears to use only the name Turner.

The database has been updated to correct the information about Samuel Turner (aka Wakefield) who is now thought to be the son or step son of Joshua Wakefield.

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